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searching for answers. when we have them you will be the first to hear them. thanks for joining us for this on the record special. ten years of terror. good night. >> this is a fox report. tonight a shooting during a mother's day parade right in the middle of one of america's great cities. now the hunt for the suspect. they are the men american people did not hear from during last week's benghazi hearing. a effort to get their sworn testimony one way or another. the chairman now wants answers from the leaders of a review board into the terror attack that killed four americans. they reached conclusions with data. >> where the search for the truth takes us next. >> also. >> this should send a chill up
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your spine. this is something we cannot let vanish. >> they won't. a call for accountability after a bombshell review shows senior irs officials did know agents targeted conservative groups as early as 2011 all because they had the word tea party or patriot in their name. tonight many people want to know wou was this political profiling. and a frozen force of nature homeowners couldn't stop. >> you could see it coming and you keep thinking it kept on coming with you. >> new reaction to the scandal rocking lawsuits washington and this nation. they speak out on the terror atta attack of the attack on benghazi. they called it a spontaneous demonstration that got out of
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control. that was never true. law may go makers are calling an action an all out cover up. among them john mccain. >> yi call it a cover up. i would call it a cover up in the extent there was willful removal of information which was obvious. it was obvious i was on another sunday morning show. my jaw dropped people don't bring rocket propelled grenades and mortars to spontaneous demonstrations. >> that willful removal of information are the changes made to the official talking points officially the take on what happened. information our ambassador to the united nations susan rice repeated over and over on multiple talk shows on the days that followed the attacks. those talking points were reportedly altered a dozen times with several references to terrorism al qaeda and islamic
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extremism all removed. democratic senator diane fine spine of california admitted the talking points were wrong but the investigation is being politicized by republicans and congress. >> i understand they had a grievance because every effort but i don't see that. >> they had a motive for changing those talking points.
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they settled on the violent protest. >> they didn't want the narrative it was a terrorist attack. that is what they should term. they did mention terrorism from the beginning. >> the day after the attack the president called it a terrorist attack. s susan rice in the interviews described extremist element who took over the attack. i really think this has become a very, very partisan focus, scandal focus attack by the republicans investigating this instead of trying to figure out what happened. >> what about claims the probe is an effort to undermine secretary of state hillary clinton? >> the talk shows were arrive with charges and counter charges
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over that idea today. democrats trying to say they are trying to discredit secretary kr clinton. >> it has been caught up in the 2016 presidential campaign. the reason she wasn't interviewed is she didn't have a direct line responsibility for the decisions that were made. they want to bring her in because they think it's a good political show. that is unfortunate. >> there is serious questions raised about her chain of command with respect to the talking points when we have four americans murdered. this is about getting to the truth. >> they are continuing to ask questions. >> what might it look like?
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>> he expects more whistleblowers to come forward. darrel issa chairman of the house over site and government reform committee wants depositions from former chairman of joint chief admiral. systematic failures of leadership in the state department for decisions about ben were made well below the secretary's level. ice saw says he will make a formal request or monday for request for the admiral. >> we heard senator fine stein of california echoing what other democrats rg ued this is all baiticcally political. even if the democrats are right it doesn't change the fact that from the start the obama administration gave out wrong information to the public about what happened. this is why we care. it comes down to trust. was that a mistake or was it intentional? there are other rooebs why americans care about the government ventilating the truth on benghazi.
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pursuit of justice for the four victims the truth is in did our government try to help them or not? clearly this is not a protest gone wrong. were there signs warning signs we need to protect those better. on that very night it is calls for help were they ignored. justice for the victims. spotlight security that trusted officials are giving to the super stars of democracy. do they have what they need to stay safe or in this case stay alive? security for our carriers of justice. another part of the story that makes us care. finally government accountability. we want to trust the people we elect. were they wrong? we need to know if they were? did they mess up? was it a cover up? we will stay on the story. let's turn now to another scandal that is brewing in our
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nation's capital that has the white house again reacting it involves the eternal revenue service retaliation against hundreds of conservative groups. in the past few days we have learned the irs admitted low level workers in ohio wrongly targeted certain groups during the 2012 election season. a watchdog group says top irs officials did know what was happening as far back as 2011. now congress is getting involved. as we learn of the slew of questions law americas want answered. peter doocy with the news for us in washington now. peter? >> lawmakers are live individual over reports that the federal government views the investigation to unfairly target conservative groups as we know treasury department group revealed the words tea party and patriot were among triggers that spent several months worth of
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applications for tax exempt status to teams of specialists. they did have agents who were engaged in intimidation of political groups is as daefrnges a problem the government can have. this can spend a chill up your spine. the president believed the american people suspect and deserve with the highest level of integrity working in government agencies. they expect swift punishment for the officials responsible for this misconduct. >> i am concerned about that. my understanding is the inspector general is doing the report. the report should be out shortly. we have to take a good look at it.
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>> con sefb tifrs for tax exempt status. they use key words to go after conservatives. this is something you have to institute changes to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> congressman ice saw also accused the irs of leaking this inspector general's report to spin it in their favor. harris? >> peter, thank you. let's go to cleveland and new cell phone video that shows police in the home where three women were rescued after a decade in captivity. this tape shows police breaking into the accused captor's home after one of them had escaped and got help. this video was taken by a woman who had been driving by when police showed up on monday. also new today, a spokesperson for the three victims made a statement on their behalf. >> amanda berry says, quote, thank you so much for everything you are doing and continue to do. i am so happy to be home with my family. gina dejesus says quote, i am so happy to be home i want to thank everyone for all of your prayers. i just want time now to be with
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my family. michelle knight says, thank you to everyone, quote, thank you to everyone for your support and good wishes. i am healthy, happy and safe and will reach out to family friends and supporters in good time. >> those tortured women now key witnesses into the investigation of ariel castro the man you see here he's accused of kidnapping and holding them prisoner. garrett is live in cleveland on this. garrett? >> in that statement the three women also saying they actually might be willing to share their stories eventually but it wouldn't be until after those criminal proceedings are over. for now they are asking and pleading for time and space as they continue their healing process and reconnect with their families. the community and really city as a whole here has been reaching out to the families. after ten years of searching for these women seeing their names and faces on posters and fliers across the city, so many people feel connected to the story and
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are celebrating their safe return hundreds of people at a time have gathered for marches and rallies and fund raisers, gifts ranging from flowers and cards to a pink buys cycle. several car dealerships have reached out as well. they are interested in giving each of these women a special gift to celebrate their safe return home. more than 50,000 dollars has been raised for the cleveland college fund. they continue the long and difficult process of healing and recovery. today is a special and significant day for these women. it's the first mother's day they will have the opportunity to be with their families in ten years. gina dejesus' mother calling it the best mother's day present ever. harris? >> indeed. garrett, thank you. right now a dozen people at least were told have been shot at a mother's day parade. the youngest victim just 10
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years old. whom ever pulled the trigger is still on the lose. we will update you. also a little girl died at the haen hands of a brutal kirl. one who many people believe was a stranger. now police have someone very close to this child in custody. stay close. new car! hey! [squeals] ♪ [ewh!] [baby crying] the great thing about subaru is you don't have to put up with that new car smell for long. introducing the versatile, all-new subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> in northern california a suspect is in custody for the brutal murder of an 8-year-old child. the suspect was the girl's 12-year-old brother. laila faler was found stabbed to death last month while her parents were out. the brother told police he found layla's body then saw an intruder flee from their home. investigators launched a widespread manhunt for whom ever that was a tight knit community
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gathered to support her family. >> i am layla's mom. i want to thank athis tight community and family and friends for the overwhelming amount of you have given our family. it will never be forgotten. >> heartbreaking. police tonight are not revealing much about their case against leila's 12-year-old brother except to say the little boy will be charged with homicide. >> william lajeunesse is following the story from the newsroom. how is the local news handling this? >> last night the residents of this small town gathered at the police department expecting to hear the mystery man who killed this little girl that he be in custody. listen and watch closely to what you are about to see. literally the town gasps when they learn her own brother is under arrest. >> her 12-year-old brother...
7:18 pm
>> that 12-year-old boy is a minor. we are not showing you his face or using his name. he was seen frequently over the last few weeks including this candlelight vigil with his family mourning leila's death. >> just found the whole family the other day and gave the 12-year-old a hug and to hear that is kind of scary. >> i am really shocked now that he did that to his sister. >> clearly police believe the boy's initial story that he and the sister were alone while they attended a little league game. he claims he saw leila covered in blood a killer a man with long gray hair flee the house that's when they called # 11. leila died from multiple stab wounds. they did look at the knives in the home to see if one was used in the murder. >> i asked how the local news was handling the investigation.
7:19 pm
the town must have been in fear there was an unknown child predator out there. >> yes. police launched a mass i have manhunt dragging nearby lake for weapons pulling in leads sex offenders for an interview. the neighbor who initially corroborated the story recanted. they found no forced entry in the home. fingerprints did not turn up any evidence of this mystery man. suddenly police refocused their attention on the brother and last night they made the arrest. the brother and sister were actually close and the biological mother harris told the tv station quote they could never hurt the sister. he will be tried as we -- we don't know if thhe will be trie as an adult. >> william lajeunesse thank you very much. >> the value of our retirement
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>> gun shots break up a mother's day parade. 17 people we know are hurt. we are told the youngest victim is just 10 years old. earlier today in new orleans local reports saying 200 people were in the area at the time including a lot of police officers who were there for the festivities. that 10-year-old girl who was grazed by a bullet will be okay as will everyone else. police are looking for the
7:24 pm
people who did this. >> these two or three people for a reason unknown to us started shooting at, towards or in the crowd. it was over in just a couple seconds. police were every where. we hope that anybody who saw anything will give crime stoppers a call to help us get to the bottom of this case as quick as possible. >> as they try to solve this we will bring you the developments. bulls keep going with the dow closing at record highs. will a slew of economic data put the breaks on this rally or boost it? >> bulls just keep running. so does your 401 k. the s & p 500 hit ago record the dow did as well. wracked up 3 gains.
7:25 pm
coming up plenty move the markets that will make the bulls take a bit of a breather. we find out how much you spend retail sales data out tomorrow. macys nordstrom and the world ace biggest trretailer wal-mart open up their books. there's a pickup in energy prices which may make you notice how the higher payroll taxes cut into your wallet. we also get a clue about the housing market many home builders index says if housing keeps building you are helping push the markets higher. investors are borrowing cash to buy stocks taking out loans against their portfolios at a fast pace. that's a sign you are willing to take risk to get into the market. is investor sentiment too bullish? that's often when the market turns south. also watching washington the irs benghazi scandals how will they affect the economic agenda.
7:26 pm
>> thank you. we will be watching. the search for answers to what happened in benghazi far from over days after whistleblowers went public with their stories. today a new call for others to give sworn testimony. also the suspect or suspects got away with the loot with no problem. it's what happened next that has the person who was wrong scratching her head. and prince harry in rocky mountain country for those wounded warrior games in colorado. his american tour, in the middle of it now where he goes next. special task force africa. i would like to wish a big warm happy mother's day to my mom israeli in brooklyn, new york, my little sister jacqueline brooklyn, new york and my sister in
7:27 pm
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7:31 pm
mission on benghazi. the report the official talking point was revised a does eazen . they are calling the obama administration's attack a cover up. some democrats law americas while acknowledging mistakes were made political notice are responsible for the association. james you have been covering the story from the beginning. the board's most vocal critic among republicans. the chairman of the benghazi review board and darrel issa the republican chair of the house republican committee presided over last wednesday's explosive benghazi hearing revolves around weather he declined to appear before the panel as ice saw had
7:32 pm
charged. >> i said the day before the hearings to come to the very hearings that he excluded me from. >> don't tell me i excluded you. >> the majority we were told said i was not welcome at the hearing. >> ice saw shot back at peckering's ability to testify it was made known before the hearing. however important point is they believe hickering should cut it harris. >> it took more than two weeks for fbi agents to gain access to the crime scene. in the country we help during a conflict and gave money and aid to people wonder why that is. >> one key witness attributes the apparent absence of real success in the fbi probe to date to the now infamous talking points.
7:33 pm
under ambassador chris stevens testified he believes the libyan government was deeply offended sunday september 16th five days after the attack when u.n. ambassador delivered to the world via five sunday shows the talking points that claim benghazi protest gone awry and into t not the coordinated terrorist attack the president had already declared it. >> chairman that tells me i am not happy with the progress of the investigation. we have a serious problem. the more time that grew between the actual event and bringing those responsible for justice. >> the state department says they would not anger on the part of the government rather the dangerous security situation on the ground that blocked the fbi's entry into benghazi. >> if you look for fallout points along the way of accountability. we know victoria new man
7:34 pm
involved in editing the administration's talking point was supposed to move up the ladder to a more senior job in the state department. is benghazi likely to cost you on that promotion? >> there is no question the past ten-days or so has insured any confirmation will be tougher than previously but the democrats enjoy it in the senate. policy analyst diplomat and spokesperson the documents published by the weekly standard on abc news show new land was also a pivotal player in the scrubbing of talking points to delete references to al qaeda and the like. >> this morning's talk shows reveal where some senators are rising to their defense others remain focused on where new land observed former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> there are serious questions raised about individuals with the chain of command with respect to the talking points
7:35 pm
and what happened afterwards. i think those are fair questions when we have four americans murdered. >> victoria new land had a long r career and public service. she worked for dick cheney. they made sure the state department's position and their perception. >> i think this was a classic issue of interagencies battle about who will say what. >> lawmakers in both houses say they have been contacted by whistleblowers in intelligence committees. we appreciate your time. thank you very much. >> happy mother's day. >> thank you, my friend. the u.s. has a complicated relationship with pakistan. he was home to osama bin laden for a period of time. parts of the lawless regions are hot beds for terrorism. we know all that.
7:36 pm
it is a country we have given 8 billion in aid to since the september 11th attack. it looks like the man who was once prime minister will be returning to power for the third time in an election we have been watching. it shows former prime minister will be pakistan's next leader. he praised pakistanis for upholding what he calls their commitment for democratic rule by completing parliamentary election. he was last prime minister in 1999 a and was over thrown by the military. he wants to end the drone program. ed pope is giving the catholic church and the world new things. we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> italy.
7:37 pm
pope francis holding the first canonization ceremony. hundreds of 15th century italian martyrs be headed for refusing to convert to islam. a nun from mexico and one to columbia the first for that country. australia a failed demolition. this half century building left standing at an angel after 220 pounds of explosives were not enough to bring it down. >> a giant jackhammer reduced the former storage facility to a pile of rubble. >> flames and massive plumes of smoke in the eastern part of the country. but it's a drill. more than 500 firefighters led the disaster prevention exercise with 1,000 residents participating. british magnet richard branson going from ceo to flight
7:38 pm
attendant. he put on full makeup squeezed into a red skirt and even shaving his legs. >> i got off to a bad start. >> branson's skills in the sky were rubbish. that's a wrap for fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> stay british i guess. >> prince harry spending another day in rocky mountain country at the warrior games in colorado springs. more on that coming up. the prince playing football at the u.s. air force academy. he got some tips then passed the ball to cadets. prince harry says most of the past two-days was wounded veterans. paul harrison with sky news has more. >> they have given the event the boost he wanted it started of course with the lines of throne with the opening ceremony with missy franklin brad snyder then
7:39 pm
things got underway. then you saw prince harry get ru right under the skin in the exhibition match fob team gb and the usa. great britain won by fumbling at the very end. smiles all around. today prince harry starting some of the cycling event. he finished the two-days by handing out the medals to the winners. a slight change of pace as prince harry heads to new jersey that is where he will finish with visiting super storm sandy keen scenes. >> a customer finished shopping when he leaps over the counter. >> about to refer to a familiar place a courtroom. as the disgraced football legend fights to get out of jail.
7:40 pm
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7:44 pm
>> officers using flash beds raiding the home early this morning. they rescued the hostages two teenaged girls and a 4-year-old boy. they initially responded to a welfare check only to find two badly decomposed bodies in the house. they believe the victims were the suspect's former girlfriend and her son. authorities in another place on the hunt for a man who robbed the convenience store with a butcher life. it is our fox top story os fox trip across america. florida terrifying moments caught on camera. police near world doe saying the suspect finished purchasing motor oil when he jumped on to the counter wint through the glass and pulled out a 9 inch butcher knife. the clerk who was 65 years old wasn't hurt. the suspect took off after a
7:45 pm
customer walked in and got away with some cash. >> also in the sunshine state a burglar with a change of heart surveillance video capturing a suspect stealing item from the home. a few days later the homeowner noticed something odd outside. i went to check by the blinds because i am aware from stealing stuff and all of this stuff and i saw this guy put back over my wall from the front yard all of this stuff that he took last week. >> with all of the returned items $50 cash and a letter asking for forgiveness. >> new york, cleanup underway in lower manhattan after severe weather took out trees one of them landing on this restaurant patio. >> i open the umbrella trying to get wet and bam everything hit. it was wild. >> diners moved indoors one woman was injured but not badly.
7:46 pm
iowa high school students competing to get the best cardboard boat. at least they enjoyed the swim we are told. the winners awarded best in time and fastest time. that's fox watch across america. >> a disgraced football great o.j. simpson carries on. now he is schedule to do return to a las vegas courtroom. we are expecting that to happen tomorrow. simpson is behind bars for leading an armed heist to retrieve what he claims was stolen sports memorabilia that belonged to him. all along he says his attorney botched the case and wants a new trial. could he now go free? why is simpson asking for a new trial? >> he is claiming his lawyer advised him he was within hi
7:47 pm
legal rights to revooefr t-- retrieve the sports memorabilia. it is a crime even if you take your own property. oj in vegas got word dealers were selling his mementos including family photos at the palace station hotel. he testified he only went back to the hotel to take back his property. >> i didn't mean to steal anything from anybody. i didn't know i was doing anything illegal. >> he was convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping after he and his friends with guns broke into a hotel room and tried to take back his things. he is serving at a prison in nevada. >> i had to chuckle the judge had to remind him if you use
7:48 pm
guns to go get it it's not okay. >> tough call the police. >> i will mike the smirk off my face now and ask what are the chances he could go free? >> it is highly unlikely. but two things could happen here. the judge will reverse tcould r the case and send him home or she could say mr. simpson you had an unfair trial we are going to give you another trial. bail he could post or stay in jail while he waits for a new trial. much depends on if the judge finds a conflict of interest. that is hail mary oj is looking for. i had a vested interest yes if the judge finds a conflict then perhaps at that point they issue a new trial. >> simpson already served dwleers. won't be eligible for roy roll until he is 70 years old.
7:49 pm
o.j. simpson would likely testify on wednesday. >> ar they withel, thank you ve. >> another busy space for nasa. hours after the space walk they are turning over the keys to the international space station more on that and the latest on the emergency repairs. going down to the wire at the player's championship. tiger woods on the hunt for a win. how did he do? sports caster jim gray is going to join me next. stay with us. hurt my feelings, todd. i did? when visa signature asked everybody what upgraded experiences really mattered... you suggested luxury car service instd of "strength training with patrick willis." come on todd! flap them chicken wings. [ grunts ] well, i travel a lot and umm... [ male announcer ] at visa signature, every upgradedxperience comes from listening to our cardholders. visa signature. your idea of what a card should be.
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>> harris: no shortage international space station both inside and outside of that >> no shortage of activity. chris hatfield with the canadian space agency passed on his duties to a new man who is a
7:53 pm
member of the russian federal space agency. they will return sunday night. two astronauts ventured outside to plug a serious ammonia leak. nasa says today it could be weeks before they know for sure if the repair is a full if you can success. so far no signs of a leak. >> even if you don't love golf or watch it jim greg brings us the drama. >> how are you tonight? >> immigrate thank you. >> tiger woods is even better apparently. >> tiger woods pulled it off. he hits the ball in the water on the 14 st. hole only to see a couple guys competing with them. particularly sergio garcia and jeff macker hit the ball into the water on the 17th hit the ball out of the tournament.
7:54 pm
tiger won and he has won his fourth tournament of the year. he won in his 100th start 200th start and 30th start. now the 7th tour victory total. he won on mother's day. he won on father's day for the u.s. open his father earl all around good day for tiger woods. >> some people are watching and saying what does this all mean?? is he on a rolling now do you think? >> he has won four tournaments this year already. that's the most he has ever won at this point in the year. it's beyond a come back. set number one golfer in the world already. he has regained his position. he is on ohis way. the only thing that stands in between him and history is trying to win 18 major championships. his goal to win 19. jack nicklaus with 18 would tie and it is he going to break sam need's record. yes, it's a full come back.
7:55 pm
>> harris: i'm glad we have you along. i know you can talk nba and golden state pulls out a win in ot stan an antonio. a lot of series for a lot of the different series. >> that was a great game today in overtime it was tied at 4. they held the san antonio spurs three points in overtime. won by 7 to 87. they had some terrific play. harris and barnes 26 points. 22 points for stephan curry. derek jack had 24. golden state to me is the most fun team in the nba to watch right now. of course, they have thompson. is he a great player as well and he they shoot so much and they score a lot and just an awful lot of fun to watch. they have been great. >> all right. good to he sue jim gray. thank you very much for being with us. >> happy mother's kay to my mom in denver and all the moms out there. >> harris: yea to your mom too. thanks. a sheet of ice on a path of destruction. the force of nature destroying homes. cutting right through some of them. and it's happening in more than one place.
7:56 pm
[ man ] on december 17, 1903, the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi. [ baby fussing ] ♪
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that your mouth is under attack, from food particles and bacteria. try fixodent. it helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it.
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>> home owners seeing destructive lake ice. rising temperatures break up the ice covering up the nearby homes right into the houses creating a slushy mess on the lawn and sometimes severe property damage which is what we are seeing here. in canada lake ice blamed for destroying 6 homes and damaging
8:00 pm
another 14. it has been a busy weekend of news. i am blessed to do it balanced. i am a mom and a daughter. thank for your tweets to me. happy mother's day to mine and all of the moms out there. have a great week. tonight on huckabee. orders to stand down on a rescue mission. nthey were furious and proof that the talking points were changed. has the truth on benghazi comes to light, the governor asked. >> what difference does it make? it matters to the friends and family? mast master -- shawn smith's mother on why she blames the former

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